Friday, March 29, 2013

“Home Grown” or purchased from “Home Depot” in the silicone section?!

Small Waist, Cute Face with a Big Behind!!!

Curves are sexy ladies!!! Embrace that bootie and those thighs, the guys love them and so should you! I realized whenever I went on a “fitness binge” my husband would complain that my behind was shrinking. Of course I didn't want THAT to happen!
Being a fitness expert, he told me that I needed to focus on key areas through some abdominal work, squatting, light weightlifting and strength training and to not necessarily do “cardio workouts” every day. He also told me that I needed to eat smaller portions and substitute some of the food I regularly buy for healthier options. Nothing drastic, just simple changes like Brown Rice instead of my favorite Jasmine Rice and few more simple healthy eating habits that eventually became routine.

Be sure to stayed tuned for Amazing Body Workout Routines and Healthy Recipes that just require an easy “tweek” to your weekly grocery list…..No need to take that trip to Whole Foods!

 Now more than ever women are embracing their curves and focusing more on slimming down their midsections and waist lines. We see it every day in magazines, music videos and in what many of us have become a victim of what I like to call “Monday Night Ratchet TV” Hey, I’m just keeping it REAL!

Check out Ms. Tahiry from Love and Hip Hop New York and let us know what you think  is it
 “Home Grown” or purchased from “Home Depot” in the silicone section?!


Check out her response here from a King Magazine photoshoot and Interview:  
What about those who question if your posterior is 100 percent real? It that over the top?
My ass is 100 percent natural. I feel like I have to walk around with my mother’s picture and    show people that people are born with asses like this.
Can we get a look at that picture? For verification, of course…
More power to [the girls who have fake butts]. If I didn’t have an ass, I’d get butt shots. In the beginning it didn’t bother me when people would ask if it’s fake, but now, three years later, it’s becoming upsetting. People really do have real asses like mine, and no, I didn’t pay for it. When I was called for this shoot with KING, I was in the gym making sure my butt was tight.
Either way we say you go girl, embrace those curves and flaunt that Amazing Body!!!!