Friday, April 12, 2013

Tighten up that Tummy DuringTV Commercials!!

Here is an exercise that gives you results and is soooo easy to do at home anytime!!

Ok so it’s 8pm and you begin to settle in on the couch to watch your favorite shows back to back as you always do once or twice a week.  Instead of nestling your behind on that couch from 8pm-10pm flipping through channels, whenever a commercial comes on you can be working on that tummy!!
And don’t ruin all your hard work with any late night snacking, have an early dinner, work on that tummy and go to bed!!!

On your favorite TV night, lay a mat on the floor and follow this quick routine during those commercial breaks:

1. Lie on your back. Place hands down by your side, palms face down.

2. Flatten your shoulders against the floor. Draw your abdominal muscles in toward your spine.

4.  As you exhale, slowly lift your legs up holding them closely together,  curl your tailbone up, lifting through your lower tummy.
5. Inhale as you lower your legs and butt back down without touching the floor
6. Repeat, by exhaling and lifting your legs up again
7. Remember to suck that tummy in and keep it tight!
8. Work through the commercials completing at least 3 sets of 10 during each commercial break

This workout can also be done with a partner!

   1.    Have a partner stand firmly behind your head as you lay flat on the mat.
   2.   Grab your partner’s ankles
   3.   Slowly lift your legs up
   4.  Your partner job is to gently push your legs down each time
   5.  Your job is to keep your abdominals tight and keep your feet from  touching the floor.
   6.  Work through the commercials completing at least 3 sets of 10 during each commercial break

I will definitely be working on my tummy on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights while I watch my favorite Reality TV shows.

On which nights will you sneak in a few tummy workouts?

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